Accelerating Business Transformation with Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 

The ability to unlock the value of visual data is transforming the way businesses operate in today’s day and age. SKYHIVE uses the latest computer vision tools to drive use solutions at the edge. We also offer training to accelerate computer vision and deep learning solutions from camera to cloud, leverage hardware and software solutions for computer vision apps, enable rapid decision-making, and more. 

Enabling Workload Consolidation for High-Performance Industrial System 

Connected technologies are enabling industrial systems to become smarter than ever. SKYHIVE uses best practices in packaging, including deployment and monitoring to increase flexibility, scaling, and simplicity for end-to-end applications across IoT, Edge, Network, and data centers. SKYHIVE leverages varied edge platforms, workload consolidation implementations, industrial robotics and automation, software-defined infrastructure, and more. 

Transforming Retail for Immersive and Personalized Experience 

The ability to access and mine contextualized information at every level is driving the retail transformation. Explore technologies enabling enhanced inventory accuracy and management, supply chain efficiency, immersive and personalized consumer experience, and more. SKYHIVE takes a data-driven approach to inventory management, operational efficiency, real-time in-store analytics, interactive visual experiences and much more. 

Emerging Tools and Technologies for Innovative Solutions 

SKYHIVE integrates new emerging technologies to enhance and expand your AI solutions. Receive detailed training with real-world use cases applying the latest tools, SDKs, functional simulators, developer kits, over-the-air updates, open communities and standards, and other resources. Additionally, gain insights about rapid development of AI solutions with inter-operable building blocks along with development tools and strong ecosystem support.